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CuBe restaurant menu


Beef tenderloin Carpaccio, rocket salad, lime, Parmesan cheese, herbed toast bread 245,- CZK

Beef tertare, mixed, garlic fried bread 2pcs/6pcs 255,- CZK / 325,- CZK

Salmon skewer, cherry tomatoes, champignons, baguette 195,- CZK

Marinated beetroot, goat cheese, fresh spinach, nuts 145,- CZK


Beef broth, vegetables, beef, pasta 65,- CZK

Krkonoše sour soup, mushrooms, cream, eggs, potatoes 95,- CZK

Czech classics

Beef tenderloin on the cream, herbal dumpling, cranberry target 245,- CZK

Regional goulash with red onion, potato pancakes 195,- CZK

Regional goulash with red onion, herbal dumplings 195,- CZK

Fried chicken schnitzel, mashed potatoes 215,- CZ



Roasted salmon steak, grilled vegetables, mustard sauce, baguette345,- CZK

Grilled trout filled from Petříkovice with herbs and lemon, herbal baguette, roasted garlic 295,- CZK


Fresh pappardelle, spinach leaves, dried tomatoes, grilled chicken breast, Parmesan cheese  245,- CZK

Homemade potato gnocchi, mushroom sauce, grilled pork tenderloin, cranberries 245,- CZK

Spaghetti Aglio olium, garlic, pepperoni parmesan, olive oil 195,- CZK

Spaghetti Aglio olium, prawns, garlic, pepperoni, parmesan, olive oil 345,- CZK

Spaghetti Aglio olium, chicken, garlic, hot pepper, parmesan, olive oil 245,- CZK

Main courses

Duck leg, honey braised red cabbage, pears, suet dumplings 295,- CZK

Pork tenderloin, plum sauce, homemade potato gnocchi 245,- CZK

Pork tenderloin a la Wellington, Parma ham, walnuts, stir fried green beans 295,- CZK

Rump steak, edible boletus mushroom and cognac sauce, roasted onions, herbed potatoes 395,- CZK

Beefsteak, grilled seasonal vegetables, pepper sauce, roast potatoes 445,- CZK

Chicken steak filled with dried tomatoes and mozzarella, potato chips  275,- CZK

Burger DAVÍDEK, bacon, cheese, potato chips, herb dressing 245,- CZK

Vegetarian dishes

Vegetarian burger, vegetables, potato chips, dressing 195,- CZK


Caesar, croutons 165,- CZK

Caesar, croutons, grilled chicken meat 225,- CZK

Caesar, croutons, salmon 275,- CZK

Vegetable salad, shrimp, mago, 1/2 baguette  325,- CZK

Children's dishes

Fried chicken cutlet, potato chips, ketchup/potato puree 115,- CZK

Spaghetti, crushed tomatoes, grated cheese 95,- CZK

Side dishes

Potato chips 45,- CZK

Grilled vegetables 65,- CZK

Beans, chilli 65,- CZK

Baguette, herb butter 45,- CZK

Stewed rice 45,- CZK

Herbal dumpling 45,- CZK

Crumbled potatoes 45,- CZK


Sorbet, cherry sauce 55,- CZK

Hot cherries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream 95,- CZK

Oatmeal pancakes, fruit of the forest sauce, sour cream 95,- CZK

Savouries served with beer or wine

Homemade smoked sausage, bread, ginger picled gherkins 165,- CZK

Cheese platter, gingerbroad, cranberries 195,- CZK

Roasted almonds 85,- CZK

Homemade potato crisps 65,- CZK

Couvert 35,- CZK